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Praytube and Lanterns for Light Foundation Joint Kenya Projects

Generous donations from donors like you have made it possible to help many poor villages throughout Kenya.  Thank you!


Over 600 students receive sponsorship or scholarship from primary age to college level.  Support children in Nairboi, Kisumu and Mfangano Island villages.  Also we provide school breakfast and lunch.

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Medical Facility

Support medical services and resources for Masaba village of about 6,000, who otherwise would have no access to basic clinical care. The current building require renovation.  Your help is needed to bring this building up to structural codes. Read more


Girls Hygiene Products

Provide over 10,000 personal hygiene pads monthly to local high schools. Read more


 Library Resources

In process of building a technology based library facility (40% complete).  Need donations to complete building. Material donations received include computers, 9,000 bibles, 3,000 other books and educational resources. Read more

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