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Forgive Others - Sharing Kindness Rather Than Revenge

The Bible shows us that God's standard is Love [John 3:16], not vengeance or judgment. Jesus taught that forgiveness would be our guide to receiving forgiveness and peace from our neighbors. It is possible to live a life of forgiveness and peace. By living in continuous conscious resolve to forgive those who have hurt you. This will enable you to go out and serve those who have hurt you without having to worry about any negative repercussions. Your actions today will have a lasting impact tomorrow and the positive outcome will help your neighbor and yourself in the long run.

By practicing forgiveness, we will eventually become a "people of light" and help others to be kind and forgive others when they have belittled you or harmed you. The more we move toward being a people of light, the more we will experience Love, peace, joy and abundance. This can only help mankind to grow and prosper as it no longer feels threatened by others who seek revenge or seek to hurt others out of revenge. Jesus bleed and died for us, so if we are to be one with God and learn from his example, then we should not take offense when others hurt us physically or mentally.

Jesus warned us to beware of what we say to one another, for we will receive unpleasant outcomes as we have given out unpleasant spiteful vengeance. Jesus taught us to share and help our neighbors and ourselves by simply forgiving those who have hurt us; therefore, when we do share and help others, then we share a part of God's love, peace, joy and abundance. After all, Jesus wants us to love our neighbors. Who is our neighbor - everyone!

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