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We Believe


We believe in God, the Father. Jesus Christ, His Only Son is God and the Holy Spirit is God.  Three persons, one Godhead. 


We believe God's solution to our problem (falling short of God's expectations-sin), is demonstrated through believing in the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ by Faith.


We believe Jesus was born of a virgin, Mary, suffered and died on a cross for the sins of all people.


We believe in the universal (visible) church and routine church attendance offline and/or online, fellowship with a church body.


We believe our purpose is show God's worth (worship Him), illustrate His greatness and power through perpetual prayers of faith.


We believe in the Scriptures, the Holy Bible is God's inerrant Word and is the only guide for secure living on earth.


We believe Jesus Christ is returning to earth to gather his invisible church (all those who believe in Jesus Christ by Faith) to His Kingdom to live with Him forever.  This personifies eternal life with God.

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