Kenya Blessings Projects

Kenya Project Details partners of a 501c3 tax exempt Kenya charity. All donations go through Lanterns for Light Foundation.


As poverty in Kenya intensifies many children attend school hungry and typically malnourished. 

The purpose of this Feeding Project  is to provide two nutritious meals per day per student, for three Kenya primary schools.

Estimated cost is $36,000  per year, over a three-year period (total funding $108,000) for the following primary schools in Kenya –

1.    Kiwari Primary School, Mfangano Island, has over 200 students

2.    Elim Primary School, Nairobi, Kenya, has over 230 students

3.   Real Home Center School, Awasi, Kenya, have 67 orphan children.

This funding would cover 75% of budget cost to provide two nutritious meals during school time.

Sanitation Health

Nearly 70% of Kenya’s population do not have access to 20th century, adequate sanitation facilities such as, a) flush toilet or pour-flush to a piped sewer system, b) septic tank system. 

Purpose of 'Sanitation' project  is to reduce Lake Victoria usage for bio human waste and bathing which contaminates drinking water reslting in diseases and death. 2015 study reveal 40% of rural population in Kenya drink contaminated water from the following sources: unprotected dug well; unprotected spring; cart with small tank or untreated water from Lake Victoria.

Project goals are-

  1. Construct  a toilet house to include 3 showers and 3 flush sanitation facilities for men and separate bath house for women.Estimated project cost $200,000 USD

  2. Provide clean drinking water for children at each school.  Collect rainwater in catchment containers.  Estimated cost $80,000 USD per school.

  3. Provide support funding for personal hygiene products and state of the art library project. Estimate cost $50,000 USD

School Fees

In the United States public school attendance is free for all.  In Kenya, public schools cost per student on average $600 USD to $1000 USD per term for secondary school (include room and board). Kenyan primary schools average cost range from $200 USD to $400 USD per student. The Kenyan parents must also pay for school uniforms, books, all supplies, PE kit shoes, and a lockable box or trunk for students in secondary school.  Parents living in poverty, on less than $1 USD per day cannot afford public school for their children.  You can Sponsor a student to change that!